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Family status

Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten

To promote world peace go home and love your family

Every family is beautiful but ours is my favorite

The family is a haven in a heartless world

A family is a little world created by love

Family is not an important thing Its everything

Family where life begins and love never ends

The family is one of natures masterpieces

Time spent with family is worth every second

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Dad a sons first hero, a daughters first love

A family is a little world created by love

The love of a family is lifes greatest blessing

Family is the most important thing in the world

Time spent with family is worth every second

Family where life begins and love never ends

Family quotes

1 Bacha bohat der se ro raha tha
Maa ne pocha
Mere laal ko kya chahiye?


Bas Ek sanam chahie
aashqi ke liye..!! 😀

Apne suna hoga Maa-Baap ke karmo ka Fal Beto ko milta hai,
Lekin kabhi-kabhi Maa-Baap ke karmo ka Fal,
Unke DAMADON ko bhi Bhugatana padta hai!

Attitude Rockz:
Maa Bete Se: Uth jaa kambakht
dekh suraj kab ka nikal aya hai

Beta: To kya hua maa
wo sota bhi to mujse pehle hai..

Awkward Moment:

When ur friend is arguing with his parents & his parents turn towards u & ask…

‘Do u ever talk to your parents like this?’

Beautiful line for Mom and Dad

Aziz bhi wo hai,
Nasib bhi wo hai,
Duniya ki bheed mein karib bhi wo hai,
Unki dua se chalti hai zindagi kyun ki khuda bhi wo hai,
aur takdir bhi wo hai..!!

Best Review:
‘Delly Belly’ is a good movie, don’t go with family.
Bcoz Movie mein already bohat ‘Maa behan’ hai..!! 😉

Beti: Mein padosi se pyar karti hu aur uske sath bhag rahi hu!
Baap: Thanks mere apise aur time dono bach gye.
Beti: Papa mein to letter padh rahi hu!
jo mummy rakh ke Gayi..!! 😀

Boy and a girl loved each other but their parents refused for their marriage.
They decided to go for court marriage.
When the girl had to sign, she saw a poster hanging on the wall which forced Her to change her decision.

The poster had a picture of a baby girl and the caption written under it was,

This small caption had a big meaning.
So never ditch ur parents bcoz if u can’t be faithful to ur parents who loved u, cared for u, brought u up for so many yrs, how can u be faithful to the man who has just been with u for a few months or yrs.

Family status

Couple agreed that whenever they want to have sex they will say-
‘Let’s make a phone call’

1 day The man sent his son to tel mom while she was busy in kitchen.
Son: Mom, dad is asking u to cm so he can make a phone call.
Mom: Go tel im out of coverage area.
Dad: Go tel ur mom that if she cant cm i will make d cal elsewhere.
Mom: Go tel ur dad if he does that i will open a call center here.

Dad: Aaj tak tune koi aisa kam kiya hai..
jis se mera sir uncha hua ho?

Beta: 1 bar aapke sar ke niche


TAKIYA lgaya tha Bhul gaye? 😀

Dadaji: Beta zara mere daant lana
Pota: Lekin abhi roti to paki nahi hai
Dadaji: Abe, Roti ko mar goli samne wali budiya smile de rahi hai.

Ek Maa ki request hai
Plz ye msg itna felao ke us ke beto tak pahuch jaye..
Beta RAMESH aur SURESH Pitaji ki Patlun
ek Bilaan choti ho Gyi ho to Ghar wapas aa jao.

Ek chhoti bacchi apne Papa ke saath ja rahi thi.

1 Pul par Paani bahut tezi se bah raha tha.

Papa : Beta daro mat,
Mera haath pakad lo.

Bacchi : Nahi Papa Aap Mera haath pakad lo.

Papa (Muskura kar bole) :
Dono me kya Antar hai?

Bacchi : Agar main Aapka haath pakdu aur achanak kuch ho jaaye to shayad,
Me Aapka haath chhod du.

LEKIN agar Aap Mera haath pakdenge to,
Main janti hu ke chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye.



‘Aaj bhi Bacche haath chhod dete hai,
Maa-Baap nahi’

Luv Ur Parents..
Dedicated to our ‘PARENT’S’.

Ek hasti hai jo jaan hai meri,
Jo jaan se bhi badh kar shaan he meri,
Rab hukm de to kar du sajda use,
Kyun ki wo koi aur nahi
MAA hai meri


Family quotes

Fallen flowers cannot climb back,
so do not think about the past,
Love the present,
live for the future with a beautiful & sweet smile.

Father to Son:
Beta tum history mein fail kyu huye?
Son: Papa, Sabhi question us samay ke the
jab mai paida bhi nahi hua tha!

Girl: Dad.. my teacher ask me what ur dad do?
Dad: What u said?

Girl: I said he works in a chocolate factory.. and brings lots of chocolate for me?

In evening he works in an ice-cream parlor… and i eat my fvr8 flavor?

He also works in a toys shop.. and bring me soft and cuddy teddy’s?

Sometimes he is a teacher also bcoz
He helps me in my homework.. He is very strong and hard-worker..
He works from morning to evening… and nvr get tired nd always there for me..?
Dad.. did i said right..??

Dad: I Love You so much my baby?
Girl: I Love You too… u to Dad?

In those days parents wants
there girl to get married to a good boy.

Now a days parents wants
there boy to get married to a good girl.

Kanjoos baap bachchon se:
Jo raat ko khana nahi khayega use 5 Rs dunga.

Bachche 5 Rs le kar so gaye.

Subah baap bola:
Jo 5 Rs dega.. usi ko naashta milega.

Maa: Beta Ager Meri Ankhain
Kharab Ho jaye to tum kya karo ge?

Beta: Maa tumhain sheher le jaon
ga wahan ilaaz kerwaon ga.

Maa: Ager phir bhi theek na hui tou?

Family status

Beta: Maa main paisay kharch kerun ga
tumhain Bahir mulk le ja ker Ilaaz karwaon ga..

Maa hass padi..!!

Beta: Acha Maa ager meri Ankhain kharab ho
jayen to tum kya karogi?

Maa: Mere Lal, main tujhe apni ankhain de dungi..
No One is better than Mother!!

Most Superior example of love in our life:

When apples are 3 &
we are 4 members in the house.,

Then mom says,
I dont like apples!

Never apply any terms and conditions in your


Relations will be changed into CONTRACTS!!

POTA: Bachcha kese paida hota hai?
DADA: Aasman se pari aati hai aur maa ke pet mein rakh deti hai.
POTA: DADDU, Wo suhagrat wala system khatam ho gaya kya?

Pappu Papa se Bola:
Papa shadi ke liye kitne paise chukane padte hai?

Papa: Pata nahi.
main to abhi tak chuka raha hu.

Garmi mein boy ne jab Pasina GF ke duptte se pocha to wo boli:
Dupta Ganda na kro,

Jab usne Maa ke Aanchal se poncha to Maa boli:
Ye Ganda hai, Saaf deti hu.

Rahat bhi Apno se milti hai,
Chahat bhi Apno se milti hai,
Apno se kabhi roothna nahi,
Kyun ki MUSKURAHAT bhi sirf apno se hi milti hai.

SMILES add value to our FACE,
LOVE adds value to our HEART,
RESPECT adds value to our BEHAVIOR.


FRIENDS & FAMILY add value to our LIFE.

Mummy dailouge

Sweet Ans. by Child in School Interviewer:
Teacher: What is your mother’s name?
Kid: Kabhi naam nahi puchha,
pyar se MAA kehta hu.

Family quotes

What’s D Difference Between Mother’s & GF’s Tears?

Classic Answer

Mother’s Tears Effect Our HEART & GF’s Tears Effect Our POCKET.

When I cam home in the rain?
Brother asked why didn’t u take an umbrella?
Sister advised why didn’t you wait till rain stopped?
Father angrily warned, only after getting cold, you will realize?

But Mother…?
While drying my hair said:
Stupid rain!
Couldn’t it wait, Till my child came home?
That’s Mother..


Zindgi mein 2 logo ka bahut khyal rakhna.

1st wo jisne aap ki jeet ke liye bahut kuch hara ho.

2nd wo jisko aap ne har dukh mein pukara ho.

Zindgi mein 2 logo ka bahut khyal rakhna.

1st wo jisne aap ki jeet ke liye bahut kuch hara ho.

2nd wo jisko aap ne har dukh mein pukara ho.

Zindgi mein 2 logo ka bahut khyal rakhna.

1st wo jisne aap ki jeet ke liye bahut kuch hara ho.

2nd wo jisko aap ne har dukh mein pukara ho.

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